I'm Stacey Sage... Your Soul Alignment & Style Mentor!


Who do I work with?

I created my business because I am sick of seeing women, in particular, selling themselves short. There is literally so much potential on this earth to be happy and share your light with others! The type of women I work with are wonderful, kind souls that are wanting to live the best possible life for themselves.  They are heart centered, have a great sense of humour,  soulful, perhaps even cheeky. They care deeply about the planet and want to help others.


They are down to earth people who want to make real solid connections in life. They always felt they were special but are not sure how to unlock their true gifts and attract what they deserve. They are sick of living in the shadows and are ready to shine. They want results and fast. They are willing to put in the work and are tired of wasting time on people and situations that are not for their highest good.

A bit about me...


I have completed two diplomas in professional fashion styling and I have done short courses on makeup, so yes, I am qualified and not some annoying fashionista lady. I have also studied Reiki, oracle card reading, the art of manifesting and many more intuitive healing courses. This has helped me go beyond the superficial side of style and really understand my clients on a soul level. By understanding who they are and what their energy is projecting, I can help them heal aspects of themselves and develop a fashion style that represents the best version of themselves.


I have had over 10 years in working in the fashion industry and have worked first hand with one of Australia’s most influential fashion designers Liz Davenport and I am delighted to share with you her wonderful fashion advice such as the “4 piece principle” that will save you time and money getting ready. I also work with the vibrational energy of colour so I can advise you what colours you should be wearing to manifest your dreams.


My background in psychology can help you work on your mindset. I want you to gain clarity on exactly who you are, your values and wants. I want you to understand your journey and how it has shaped you into the person you are. I will also help you clear negative beliefs that are stopping you from living your best life. 


On my styling journey, I have worked on fashion runways, The Age and have even presented in front of global companies such as Pearson. However what brings me the most joy is to sit with someone who is ready to really make wonderful changes in her life and is open to new experiences. I have a unique background and expertise that have guided these women to achieve their goals. My three key differences are…




Going beyond the superficial side of fashion and aligning your energy and mindset

My speciality is working with you so your energy, mindset, body language and image are working together to attract what you want in life. 


I am down-to-earth, empathetic and genuine

The fashion industry has its fair share of too-cool-for-school people. This isn’t my style. I’m all about getting to know you, build a solid connection and guiding you to revitalize your spirit, not just wardrobe.


My psychology and marketing background

My degrees in psychology and marketing play a huge part in my consultations. You’ll discover how your mindset, energy and image affects the way people perceive you, and learn how to project your true self to connect with people unlike ever before.

I know how you feel.

I know how you feel. Even though you try to do the right thing when you show up in life, you feel that you don’t always get the love back. Getting dressed can be frustrating and overwhelming.  You want to be able to get ready for any occasion and feel confident but don’t feel sure you have coordinated everything well. At events or even day to day, you feel uncomfortable in how you are presenting yourself both physically and energetically. 


I have been there. Not feeling confident in my own skin. Not feeling good enough. Pretending to be someone I am not because I was terrified of being judged and rejected. My clothes were simply reflecting my attitude about myself. At work and in my personal life, I would look the part, talk the part and walk the part. But deep down I felt awful. An imposter. An actress. I knew my true self, is someone way more interesting and happier than this version of me. But I didn’t know how to find her or even if I knew, what would others think of the true version of me? My deepest fears were kicking in. What if I’m not good enough? What if I’m rejected? Trying to fit in is hard enough, what if the true me is a real failure?


But what I discovered is that by trying to be someone else, I wasn’t living in my truth and listening to my heart and when you are not living in your truth your life doesn’t work to its full glory. Sure you can pretend to be a certain person – but eventually, the truth comes out. Your energy gets drained and as a result, you attract events, people, and situations that are also playing in this lower energy space.


The Truth.

The truth is I learnt is life is responding to your energy. It didn’t matter how hard I tried. It was heart-breaking and awful but it’s taught me the biggest lesson which I want to share with you.


The biggest lesson I have learned is knowing when to continue to work/fight for what you want and knowing when to walk away. I know too well what it feels like when life did not go as planned, no matter how hard you tried. I have had boyfriends, friendships, career opportunities etc, fall apart no matter what I did. I know what it’s like to feel completely confused about what the best career/ romantic partner/ etc choice is for your highest good. I know what it feels like to feel loneliness, bored, embarrassed, sad, betrayed, frustrated, ugly, rejected, gross, unwanted, impatient, “so behind” and generally feeling like things are never going to improve. Everything can feel so unfair and you just don’t know who to trust or what to do anymore.


I completely get you and I had to experience these hard times so I can help and guide others. I have learned so much along the way and my intention is to help you use this knowledge so you can live a happier life and avoid some painful situations. I want you to be able to walk into any situation and despite how crap you feel inside you can still feel confident and worthy no matter who is in the room. I want to guide you so you can attract what you want faster.


If you are reading this it means you are ready to start living a life you know deep down you are here to experience. If you feel like a failure, outsider or just not inspired, working with me can help you restore your confidence. It’s ok to feel sad, mad and confused as to why you are the way you are. I  can help you gain a sense of relief. But this story can end today if you want it. You are way more powerful than you are feeling and having a wonderful life can feel like a distant dream if you are ready to face your shadow self and move beyond that little voice in your head that is doubting you can create a life you truly want.

So how did I turn my life around?

I had got to a point where I was exhausted, crying anxious and angry. I had to let go and stop pretending to fit in, stop comparing myself to others and listen to my gut/intuition. I decided from now on, I would be the realist version of me. If something felt off then I wouldn’t accept it. I decided to always walk towards being in alignment. Being in alignment means having your energy match what you need in life. It is the key to feeling happy. This sounds kind of simple, but most of the time when we are confused it’s because our head is fighting our heart and we are caught somewhere in the middle. The journey is about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you. Once you let go of all that is not for your highest good, the magic starts to begin.


So I started to only hang out with people that made me feel good. I got rid of clothes that made me feel average. I started to do daily rituals that made me feel good like meditation. I started courses that further developed my mindset and manifesting abilities. Slowly and surely, I started re-discovering who I really am and guess what, no one rejected me, no one made me feel less loved. In fact, I feel more supported than ever. I started to meet super cool nice people. I started to attract more money into my life. My energy was expanding. My confidence and clarity exploded. Life became fun!


Are you ready to try? Even if you have 1% faith, click here and even start by doing my popular Soul, Alignment and Style mini-course, I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised. If you are feeling like you are ready to be truly happy, but still unclear on how I can help, please contact me and I am more than happy to do a free 10-minute call.  

Here are a few fun facts about me...

  • I love eating out. I love funky cafes with graffiti on the walls to fine dining.
  • I am happiest in the sun, walking along the beach or the forest.
  • I love going on drives into nature.
  • I love my dog Winston/ Winnie.
  • When I was 8 years old I won a dancing competition to the Wiggle’s Song “Dorothy the Dinosaur” at the local food market. The prize was an ice cream. Probably one of the best moments ever.
  • I have a collection of crystals especially crystal jewelry.
  • I love my tea. I also like coffee but too much of it makes me crazy.
  • My favorite stores smell of frankincense and include spiritual crystals, books, and candles.  
  • I am a Gemini, born in the middle of the year, middle of the month and middle of the day!
  • I love learning about magic and mystical topics such as law of attraction, oracle cards, meditation.
  • Cannot get enough of essential oils and candles.
  • I wish I was good at yoga and I liked it. I try to do it once a week. 
  • I love to laugh and go to comedy shows.
  • I really dislike arrogant people and people that have nothing to say or ask. If I wanted to talk to a brick wall I would stay at home.
  • I like cooking mainly vegetarian and vegan foods.
  • Love my sleep. Napping during the day would make the world a better place.
  • I donate money to animal charities. If I could adopt all the animals that need saving I would. Especially monkeys!!
  • I love seeing acts of kindness as it reminds me there is hope for humanity yet.
  • I believe life should be fun and everyone is here to create something if they are brave enough.
  • I haven’t heard a boy band that I didn’t like especially Backstreet Boys, 5ive and N’sync.
  • I like most music and love dancing and singing around the house.
  • I learned Arabic at university and speak Greek. I wish I had the patience to learn more languages.
  • If I could live anywhere it would be that fairy kingdom in Maleficent movie.
  • If you still don’t quite get me and want to see what my VIBE is all about… Check out my Pinterest board(But don’t get lost in Pinterest, come back right after and hang out here with me again and when you are ready, check out my freebie under Work With Me on my website.)
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