I just watched a documentary on Netflix called Happy and it talked about essentially what are the components that influence your happiness.

A psychologist explained that there are two types of happiness, intrinsic happiness and extrinsic happiness.

Extrinsic happiness is happiness that is outside of you and our society tells us to chase things like money, status and your image.

Intrinsic happiness is your personal growth ie who you really are as a person, relationships with others and how to give back to the community.

Those who focus too much on extrinsic happiness had a tendency to be more anxious and less happy. Those who focused on intrinsic happiness seemed to be healthier and happier.

When you dress well it helps you feel good on the inside and that is important. What is not important is wasting energy obsessing over your image.

Once you are happy with your image,  you can focus on more important things like helping others or learning a new skill.
Challenge of the week: Work on your level of intrinsic happiness.

With Gratitude


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