Being in a shopping centre at first can feel so inspiring. There seems to be more labels than ever, more competition, greater discounts yet when I first meet with my clients, they all say time after time they keep coming home empty handed or with items that they will never wear. Why?

Fit: I believe most fashion designers do not actually think of women then they create.  Most clothes don’t actually fit the average woman. A classic example is tops. They cling too much, or are cut too low below the arm pits or don’t cover the bits we want to hide. Most of the time garments clients try are tight in all the wrong places or the fit is just ok but the colour is good so they compromise anyway. So even those there are heaps of stores most of them are filled with clothes that will never suit you.

Sizing: Sizing is not regulated. Pre 1920s to around the 1940s you would have clothes made for you. What a great idea. One can never really feel fat if your clothes fit perfectly right? Although most of us wouldn’t dream of having our clothes made now. It might be useful to know that designers STILL work off sizing guides from the 1940s. Problem is we have grown since then. So it doesn’t matter if you are a size 6 or size 20. It doesn’t matter what your shopping budget it. If you are struggling to shop its not you its them.

Fashion trends: The problem with fashion trends is that more stores begin to look like each other because they stock the same look. If that look works for you then great, if it doesn’t then you are simply wasting your time trying to make some stupid trend look good on you and it can be really hard finding an alternative.

So here is one suggestion for the week:

1. Go into a store you have never tried: Look for a top that has a good quality fabric, that is sturdy and try it on.


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