Soul alignment is when your thoughts, actions, feelings and style are in sync with your heart’s desires.

What do you value most in life?

We are told what to value in life so we can be happy. We are marketed to desire anything from the type of clothes we “should” wear, the job we “should do” to the way we “should” behave.  The reason women are so frustrated, insecure and unhappy is that they are not in their soul alignment. They are wasting their time and energy trying to be someone that is not aligned with who they are in their heart. 

So are you clear on what you truly want in your life? Like most women, you might need some guidance to really tap into your heart’s desires. Once you gain this clarity, it’s all about ensuring your mindset, energy and image also reflect this. I believe your time and energy is your most precious resource. So why not use it wisely and create a phenomenal lifestyle of freedom, fun, and fulfilment from a heart-centred space?

Imagine waking up knowing what to wear to feel good, spending your day to day doing activities that leave you feeling energized, and happy. Wouldn’t you love to discover how amazing you truly are and be excited to express it?

I have always had the intuitive inner knowing that style is not just what you wear. You can be dressed perfectly but if your mindset is off or your energy is down, you will still be held back. Therefore style is something that expands outwards from your soul. When I finally understood this, my mission was clear. I knew I wanted to assist women in creating their ultimate lifestyle through their vibrational alignment and style.

I’m so glad that you’ve arrived here on my website. It means you are ready to start making some serious cool changes in your life. Please feel free to learn about how I can make your life easier. You deserve nothing less. Please accept my gift to you. Download my free guide, ” What your style is saying about your vibe”. This will provide you insight into how your image and energy is being perceived by others.


With Gratitude.

Stacey Sage



Did you know that people make a subconscious judgment about who you are within the first 90 seconds of looking at you? Check out how people might be getting the wrong idea about who you really are by grabbing my free guide...


What Your Style Is Saying About Your Vibe!


“Once a woman is taught how to present the best version of herself, she is unstoppable. We need more of these women. I want to help as many women as possible to look and feel incredible.” - Stacey Sage

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